Advanced ransomware detection

Ransomware, forever evolving

When attackers have access to an endpoint, they usually try to explore their surroundings and move from machine to machine.

SectionGuard adds a security guard inside the individual work-station, that will keep a constant eye on how every process is behaving, while also keeping a few areas as “off-limits”.

SectionGuard XRAY protects you when traditional antivirus has failed you, limiting the damage done by completely unknown malicious software, by detecting its malicious behavior and responding to that.

Our thresholds are personalized for your organization, enabling you to customize your own rule-sets and define how aggressive the protection on your endpoints should be.

By adding that extra layer of security, your time working won’t be lost, as SectionGuard fights the malware for you.

Intelligent threat recognition

Any destructive behavior will be expelled promptly due to threats and interesting behaviors being categorized and regularly updated with new technology.

SectionGuard monitors how processes interact with documents and file types that are common target to ransom-ware. If any of the processes suddenly start to destroy documents, our EDR will interfere and stop the process.

SectionGuard EDR counts the files that get destroyed or deleted in a specific time-frame and takes action based on that, so that you can keep working.

Our EDR is built to detect file types which are typically ransom-ware and monitor those documents which are typical targets to it.

Windows exploit hardening

Code execution prevention

SectionGuard XRAY monitors your end point for often used points of entry for malware. This prevents an attack from occurring, even if the malware is completely unknown. Common infection techniques used to attack your system are blocked, shielding your Windows endpoint.

SectionGuard XRAY provides advanced context security on applications, making it much harder for adversaries to gain foothold in your systems.

SectionGuard XRAY product is designed to detect the infection attempts rather than trying to recognize the malware and block the threat when it tries to infect any of your end-points, thereby increasing the probability of avoiding infections.

SectionGuard XRAY will detect the threat even when the traditional anti-virus fails to do so by interfering in processes where malware is detected.

Multiple security layers

Even if something evades the first layer of defense, the second layer will terminate the threat, as soon as destructive behavior is detected.

Hardening creates a firewall around certain application and categorizes known running software into the type of application, be it mail provider, internet browser or word processor.

90% of all infections happen against mail applications, PDF-files, Word-documents and these infection routes are simply not defensible without and additional security measure like SectionGuard EDR.

Activity logging into SIEM

Automated communication to your SIEM solution

SectionGuard Sensor automatically communicates to your SIEM solution, by sending real-time and relevant observations to it. Our sensor enables you to get information that the SIEM alone can let go unnoticed.

With SectionGuard sensor, you are able to get detailed information about the infected programs and how many end-points are running that specific  program.

The SectionGuard agent has access to all the activity happening in the end-point and can therefore provide detailed information about processes and process behaviors.

Using SectionGuard Sensor enables you to enrich the security data you already are viewing in the SIEM system by choosing the information that should additionally be monitored.

SectionGuard Sensor will enable you to see data that is usually hidden from you, provide you with details of processes and suspicious behaviors.

Personalised threat specifications

With SectionGuard Sensor, you can see specific and detailed information about what happened within a specific program and work-station.

To give an example of the additional data you can monitor with SectionGuard Sensor you can get information about:

  • Process behaviours
  • Detailed network information
  • Disc activity
  • Malicious patterns

Highlighting of events

Categorized threats

SectionGuard Sensor monitors irregular activities on your end-points, allowing you to see information only about suspicious actions which are relevant to you.

We have put our years of knowledge and experience into SectionGuard Sensor and brought it to you by enabling you to automatically give meaning to raw data and easily understand the processes which take place on your end-points.

SectionGuard Sensor is constantly improved with new knowledge from security analysts to improve your end-point security and keep the software updated about security threats and trends.

With SectionGuard Sensor, you can automatically categorize and conclude the threat data which enables you to understand the threats efficiently.

SectionGuard Sensor categorizes the data into behaviors and provides detailed information about what processes have taken place. This enables you to understand the scope of threats automatically without having a specialist analyse the the raw data to make relevant conclusions for you.

Process overview

SectionGuard Sensor is designed to monitor irregular activities on all your end-points, allowing you to stay informed about threats that are relevant for you.

Few of the many actions that our sensor can see:

  • Processes being debugged
  • Processes changing integrity level during run-time
  • Processes creating executables, scripts and more
  • Obfuscated commandlines
  • Full network packet dumping
  • Registry access

Security assessment

Security analysis by professionals

Assessing security includes challenging your company’s current security settings and observing how employees act on their workstations keeping a focus on how secure their actions are.

If your organisation doesn’t have staff dedicated to security measures, it’s easy to get vulnerable – this is how NetSection Security can help you by assessing your security, looking at the systems you use and procedures and eventually providing you with recommendations on how to upgrade your security.

NetSection Security takes a thorough look into your company’s systems to highlight places where your security measures should be more advanced. Doing that helps you not only to strengthen your security but also gain more knowledge about your organisations needed security measures.

The approach is highly personalized and practical, providing you with specific list of recommendations.

Compose your security policy

The security assessment will be discussed and personalized to meet your requirements and find a perfect fit for you in the assessment report.

We provide an assessment, analysis of current set-up, find pain-points through interviews with staff and analysis of your network and infrastructure. It can also be vulnerability scan or penetration test.

Vulnerability scan composes of scanning for security faults in your systems and penetration test includes breaking in to your organisation’s system to see how easy or difficult it is to bypass your security settings. The purpose is to strengthen your security by taking a holistic view on your security measures.

Using our findings, we can help you compose your security policy to educate all employees within the company