SectionGuard key features


Our endpoint sensor can ship vastly detailed forensic-relevant data to many logging platforms, enabling you to know, rather than guess, what happened during an incident.


SectionGuard provides advanced context security on applications, making it much harder for adversaries to gain a foothold in your systems.


Combining our endpoint agent with a SIEM, you can get detailed event information about what your endpoints are doing in real time.

Behavioural analysis

All running processes are constantly monitored for unexpected or malicious behaviour.

SectionGuard adds extra layer of security to your endpoint

With the threat landscape expanding and advanced malware passing through traditional antivirus, there is a need for more advanced security software to expose and stop those threats. This is where NetSection comes in. SectionGuard keeps a constant eye on malware trying to get through your systems, analysing suspicious behaviour and detecting the threats in real time.

How does SectionGuard work?

Security needs your full attention which is why SectionGuard combines a variety of techniques to fight malware. We look at every phase of an infection, and try to stop it as soon as possible.

This means we look at process behaviour, who-launches-what patterns, who-talks-to-who, known process elevation techniques, common hacking tools and more.

Soon we’ll start to use machine learning to classify unknown files before they are launched. All these different approaches are combined into SectionGuard, which gives you a very efficient endpoint security package.

You can’t avoid security breaches, but you can protect yourself using multiple endpoint security solutions like SectionGuard to be well protected against security threats.

Increase your odds

Seeing how there is currently a lot of empty promises about full protection against security breaches, NetSection Security wishes to make a difference. We do not offer you 100% detection rate on anything. Your adversaries are sophisticated, and you need to be too.

We acknowledge that security breaches are inevitable and have therefore designed SectionGuard to expose any potential security threats and employ damage control to protect the endpoints.

SectionGuard implements a mine field of triggers that will alert you if anything suspicious, malicious or destructive occurs on your system, and helps your security team drill down into events, and remediate your endpoints.