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Adalanche Editions
Feature comparison
FeatureOpen SourceEnhancedRed TeamProfessional
TL;DRFree and usefulSigned binaries and UI improvementsFor red teamers, auditors & security consultantsCompanies that want to improve their security
LicenseGPL 3.0ProprietaryProprietaryProprietary
PriceFree€495/year€1495/yearFrom €495/year (varies)

License modelFreeUse in your own company only. One license per named user using AdalancheUse to help your customers! Per named consultant using AdalancheUse in your own company. Pricing depends on active (within 90 days) users and computers
Technical SupportNoneHourly rateHourly rateHourly rate / Included for over 5000 accounts
Signed Windows binaries
Active Directory integration
Multi forest / domain
Multiplatform LDAP
LDAP channel binding/signing
SysInternals AD Explorer snapshot import
VCenter integration
CyberArk integration
Password hash analytics
Flexible data import
Data Export in XML, JSON, CSV or Excel
Edge types supported~95~95~95~130
Object types supported27272731
Choke point flow analyticsSoon!
Object power calculationsBETA
Tiering modeling/validation