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DRM: krigen mod forbrugerne

Har du prøvet at din Office pakke eller Windows, som du har købt og betalt, lige pludselig påstår at den ikke er aktiveret, og kræver en kode for at du kan bruge den? Eller at du ikke kan overføre din ebog til den ebogslæser du lige har købt, fordi de to ikke “samarbejder”? At du […]

SectionGuard and KB4056891 (Meltdown patch)

As you might have noticed, two major security related problems, affecting CPUs have become public knowledge during the last 48 hours: Spectre and Meltdown. These problems are partially solvable, by patching your systems. Everyone is basically scrambling to get patches for Meltdown in place, and Microsoft has just released an urgent patch for this. This […]

All you need to know about the DDEAuto exploit

You should be worried about the DDEAuto exploit, but more so about what’s coming next One of the many ways hackers try to get their malware onto your computers, is by sending emails containing documents with macros. Most savvy users have enough knowledge by now to not activate macros in foreign documents. But recently, hackers […]