SectionGuard XRAY

Code Execution Prevention

Code execution prevention

SectionGuard XRAY monitors your end point for often used points of entry for malware. This prevents an attack from occurring, even if the malware is completely unknown. Common infection techniques used to attack your system are blocked, shielding your Windows endpoint.

SectionGuard XRAY provides advanced context security on applications, making it much harder for adversaries to gain foothold in your systems.

SectionGuard XRAY product is designed to detect the infection attempts rather than trying to recognize the malware and block the threat when it tries to infect any of your end-points, thereby increasing the probability of avoiding infections.

SectionGuard XRAY will detect the threat even when the traditional anti-virus fails to do so by interfering in processes where malware is detected.

Multiple security layers

Even if something evades the first layer of defense, the second layer will terminate the threat, as soon as destructive behavior is detected.

Hardening creates a firewall around certain application and categorizes known running software into the type of application, be it mail provider, internet browser or word processor.

90% of all infections happen against mail applications, PDF-files, Word-documents and these infection routes are simply not defensible without and additional security measure like SectionGuard EDR.