Security assessment

Security analysis by professionals

Assessing security includes challenging your company’s current security settings and observing how employees act on their workstations keeping a focus on how secure their actions are.

If your organisation doesn’t have staff dedicated to security measures, it’s easy to get vulnerable – this is how NetSection Security can help you by assessing your security, looking at the systems you use and procedures and eventually providing you with recommendations on how to upgrade your security.

NetSection Security takes a thorough look into your company’s systems to highlight places where your security measures should be more advanced. Doing that helps you not only to strengthen your security but also gain more knowledge about your organisations needed security measures.

The approach is highly personalized and practical, providing you with specific list of recommendations.

Compose your security policy

The security assessment will be discussed and personalized to meet your requirements and find a perfect fit for you in the assessment report.

We provide an assessment, analysis of current set-up, find pain-points through interviews with staff and analysis of your network and infrastructure. It can also be vulnerability scan or penetration test.

Vulnerability scan composes of scanning for security faults in your systems and penetration test includes breaking in to your organisation’s system to see how easy or difficult it is to bypass your security settings. The purpose is to strengthen your security by taking a holistic view on your security measures.

Using our findings, we can help you compose your security policy to educate all employees within the company.