Highlighting of events

SectionGuard sensor

Categorized threats

SectionGuard Sensor monitors irregular activities on your end-points, allowing you to see information only about suspicious actions which are relevant to you.

We have put our years of knowledge and experience into SectionGuard Sensor and brought it to you by enabling you to automatically give meaning to raw data and easily understand the processes which take place on your end-points.

SectionGuard Sensor is constantly improved with new knowledge from security analysts to improve your end-point security and keep the software updated about security threats and trends.

With SectionGuard Sensor, you can automatically categorize and conclude the threat data which enables you to understand the threats efficiently.

SectionGuard Sensor categorizes the data into behaviors and provides detailed information about what processes have taken place. This enables you to understand the scope of threats automatically without having a specialist analyse the the raw data to make relevant conclusions for you.

Process overview

SectionGuard Sensor is designed to monitor irregular activities on all your end-points, allowing you to stay informed about threats that are relevant for you.

Few of the many actions that our sensor can see:

  • Processes being debugged
  • Processes changing integrity level during run-time
  • Processes creating executables, scripts and more
  • Obfuscated commandlines
  • Full network packet dumping
  • Registry access