Advanced ransomware detection and response

SectionGuard XRAY

Ransomware, forever evolving

When attackers have access to an endpoint, they usually try to explore their surroundings and move from machine to machine.

SectionGuard adds a security guard inside the individual work-station, that will keep a constant eye on how every process is behaving, while also keeping a few areas as “off-limits”.

SectionGuard XRAY protects you when traditional antivirus has failed you, limiting the damage done by completely unknown malicious software, by detecting its malicious behavior and responding to that.

Our thresholds are personalized for your organization, enabling you to customize your own rule-sets and define how aggressive the protection on your endpoints should be.

By adding that extra layer of security, your time working won’t be lost, as SectionGuard fights the malware for you.

Not-Petya shutting down an entire supermarket in Ukraine, 2017

Intelligent threat recognition

Any destructive behavior will be expelled promptly due to threats and interesting behaviors being categorized and regularly updated with new technology.

SectionGuard monitors how processes interact with documents and file types that are common target to ransom-ware. If any of the processes suddenly start to destroy documents, our EDR will interfere and stop the process.

SectionGuard EDR counts the files that get destroyed or deleted in a specific time-frame and takes action based on that, so that you can keep working.

Our EDR is built to detect file types which are typically ransom-ware and monitor those documents which are typical targets to it.