SectionGuard sensor

Activity logging into SIEM

Automated communication to your SIEM

SectionGuard Sensor automatically communicates to your SIEM solution, by sending real-time and relevant observations to it. Our sensor enables you to get information that the SIEM alone can let go unnoticed.

With SectionGuard sensor, you are able to get detailed information about the infected programs and how many end-points are running that specific  program.

The SectionGuard agent has access to all the activity happening in the end-point and can therefore provide detailed information about processes and process behaviors.

Using SectionGuard Sensor enables you to enrich the security data you already are viewing in the SIEM system by choosing the information that should additionally be monitored.

SectionGuard Sensor will enable you to see data that is usually hidden from you, provide you with details of processes and suspicious behaviors.

Personalised threat specifications

With SectionGuard Sensor, you can see specific and detailed information about what happened within a specific program and work-station.

To give an example of the additional data you can monitor with SectionGuard Sensor you can get information about:

  • Process behaviours
  • Detailed network information
  • Disc activity
  • Malicious patterns